GRAVIENT™ Disruptively simple.
ell GRAVIENT™ Disruptively simple. Construction.

About our technology

GRAVIENT™ is transforming the world’s approach to sustainable energy storage

Current landscape
Current landscape
The energy industry is prioritizing the reduction of emissions and localization of supply chains in today’s and tomorrow’s ever-changing landscape. As renewable energy production is on the rise, the trend towards shifting to green power sources is at the forefront. At the same time, the emergence of localizing the supply chains not only leads to, but also, guarantees more job opportunities.
How we’re disrupting the industry
How we’re disrupting the industry
GRAVIENT™ utilizes robotized technology for building energy storage facilities using elements produced from readily available materials to simplify supply chains. Localization of supply chains and robotized construction technology significantly reduce construction costs and timelines, while also creating skilled job opportunities within the client state's territory. Thus, becoming the most efficient tool for achieving low carbon footprint in the world.
How our system works
How our system works
To save excess electricity, our innovative grid-scale system lifts weights and then returns the electricity back to the grid when the weights are lowered by gravity. The simplicity of this design allows for a longer lifespan, a lower maintenance cost and higher round-trip efficiency, as 85% of the stored energy is converted back to electricity.
Our Solution
Our Solution
Our lifted weights energy storage technology increases the energy storage capacity with minimal energy loss to offer the following advantages:
  • Reduce the use of ramp-up/ramp-down fossil-fuel power plants
  • Draw on renewable energy sources to generate energy in a sustainable way
  • Minimizing power disruptions and energy drain which is a widespread challenge due to mismanaged supply and demand
  • Equally matches the amount of generated electricity to the amount of electricity that is needed
As a result, GRAVIENT™ grid-scale energy storage facility is flexible, low-cost and based on a reliable principle, tested and refined by generations to guarantee peak efficiency during a long lifetime.
Our understanding
Our understanding
We know lifted weights energy storage
Our assurance
Our assurance
proven success in creating green energy storage systems for ultimate performance and backup capabilities
GRAVIENT™ construction
The design of GRAVIENT™ is modular and scalable The assembly is automated using unique robotic technology

GRAVIENT™ Services

Renewables firming
Store large amounts of excess renewable electricity to be used as needed
Renewables arbitrage
Store energy produced by variable renewable plants when prices are low to sell when prices are high
Wholesale arbitrage
Purchase power in low price periods and sell in high-price periods on the wholesale market
Frequency regulation
Automatically correct the continuous changes in supply or demand within the shortest intervals
Renewables smoothing
Smooth output from variable supply when generation is out of line with short-term forecasts
Power quality
Balance the frequency and voltage of power supply for sensitive loads in unstable grids
Contingency and Ramping reserve
Automatically stabilize frequency after unexpected, rare or instantaneous change in supply or demand
Inertia services
Automatically stabilize frequency and voltage in response to changes the phase angle between voltage and current through reactive and active power response
Peak capacity
Ensure availability of sufficient generation capacity at all times
Power reliability
Fill regular gap between supply and demand
Backup power
Fill rare and/or unexpected gap between supply and demand (e.g. total loss of power from grid)
Demand charge reduction
Reduce demand supplied by the network during periods of highest network charges
Congestion relief
Avoid risk of overloading existing infrastructure that could lead to redispatch and local price differences
Load following
Maintain balance between supply and demand, while allowing generators to operate at optimal capacity
Transmission and Distribution upgrade deferral
Deferral, reduction or avoidance of transmission and/or distribution network upgrades when peak power flows exceed existing capacity
Voltage support
Maintain voltage levels across networks via supplying or absorbing reactive power
Black Start
Restore power plant operations after network outage without external power supply

Product Features and Values

Utilizes the potential energy of solid weights in grid-scale energy storage system that has the ability to hold a charge over time with no additional support or enhancement to save performance.
Long Lasting
Long Lasting
Delivers cutting edge storage capable of lasting from 0.15-24 hours of duration, with a competitive lifetime round-trip efficiency of 85 percent.
Supporting Local
Supporting Local
Our supply chain infrastructure creates employment opportunities as it relies on local materials to support the local economy and does not heavily depend on imports.
Long-term Service
Long-term Service
With a 50-year lifespan, our extended support allows for tailored services to respond to the change in requirements of our clients, partners, organizations and projects.
Cost Saving
Cost Saving
Energy storage can be expensive due to the high cost of materials, manufacturing processes and lack of scale. We have found a way to address the challenge of affordability in this space by benefiting from variable renewable energy through sustainable energy storage, management solutions and leaning on local materials.
By harnessing the power of sun, wind and gravity to stabilize the supply, we remove fire risks from thermal or chemical activity and are able to operate securely in any ambient climate range.